TEETH is rip-roaring adventure in the South Pacific. Johnny Willman is the young American soldier sent on assignment into New Guinea's heart of darkness. There he must confront "the Father," the gigantic 30-foot man-eating crocodile (based on a real monster from the period—see the photo below). The massive reptile is both feared and worshiped by the headhunters of the Big River. In their first face-off, the Father kills a soldier and Johnny wounds it. From that instant, the Father will hunt him, until the final heart-pounding confrontation on the beaches of the South Pacific.

With Johnny is Footy, a colorful Aussie pilot, and their Japanese prisoner. Katsu has only one thing left—his family heirloom samurai sword. The three run directly for the Valley of the Cannibals, home to the most bloodthirsty warriors on the entire island. Gwyndolyn saved Johnny's life and they have a powerful attraction, but first, the young man who knows little but killing after several years of war, must meet her challenge to rediscover his heart.

“TEETH” is populated by real characters like Five-star General Douglas MacArthur, and gunboat skipper and future US President, Jack Kennedy. The story unfolds as America is about to unleash new weapons of mass destruction over Japan.


"Timothy may be the next Michael Crichton!"..."A monster crocodile, soldiers, Samurai, surfers, cannibals, headhunters, alluring women, mortal enemies and best of friendsTEETH has everything!"..."A Masterpiece of Samurai spirit"...

"One of my favorite books of all time"..."A love story!"


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