Timothy James Dean



I spent a decade as a boy on the savage South Pacific island of New Guinea—the primary setting for my novel, "TEETH."

By the time I was eighteen, I had lived in Mexico, the Philippines, Australia, Papua New Guinea, India, and Canada. Since then, I’ve continued traveling all over the world, often as a producer of international TV documentaries and adventure programs.

I am the founder of "Worlders" on Facebook, a site where those who grew up in different parts of our planet can share a chat and meet new friendscome join us!

All fans of travel and things international are welcome to come and *key word* participate!).

While you and I probably have different life experiences, in many ways we are alike. For example, we both love books, right?

With the things I have seen on our planet, I can draw the curtains for you onto exotic new worlds. After all, I grew up with people who literally ate their enemies!

Back in North America, I studied Creative Writing at the graduate level with the specific goal of becoming a novelist. But I got sidetracked into an enthralling career in television. I was Head Writer (and ultimately Executive Producer) of a brawling prime-time TV "magazine" in a big metropolitan market. Since then, I've been a creator of documentary and adventure TV programs all over the world.

Highlights include "The Toughest Break" on spinal cord injury, with (then) movie star Christopher ("Superman") Reeve"Return of the Dolphin" with legendary rocker Bryan Adams"Thunder in the Canyon," a whitewater tribute to the explorer Simon Fraser, and the global adventure scuba series with man-eating sharks and more, "Aqua Planet."

"TEETH - The Epic Novel with Bite" is the fulfillment of a life goal. It will soon be followed by other volumes of "The South Pacific Trilogy."

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