Reader Reviews

"Wow, TEETH is amazing in so many ways. This is a definite 5-star or more! Timothy James Dean may be the next Michael Crichton."

—Steven Beltzer, Moderator, Goodreads

"TEETH ranks among my very favorite books of all time, and I look forward to more from this gifted author."

—Donnie Light

"TEETH is a blockbuster I couldn't put down! I love intelligent, action-packed books that illuminate a real place and world events. As the child of diplomats, I grew up in Japan, and TEETH resonates as a true depiction of the 'Samurai nation.'"

—Sharon Noe, Best Books Readers

"TEETH is a fascinating read—a monster crocodile, soldiers, surfers, cannibals, headhunters, alluring women, mortal enemies and best of friends. It's an epic story, brilliantly conceived and executed. TEETH has everything going for it!"

—David Williams

"I must say, TEETH is a masterpiece. It is one of the greatest books I have ever read. The beautiful language helps the reader envision every scene. This is the trait of a great novel. Timothy has visited Japan and studied our culture."

—Yasuyuki Kasai, Samurai and Author, Japan

"TEETH isn't just about a battle between man and Mother Nature. It's a love story, a thriller, a mystery. This will leave you breathless and chomping at the bit for the next book. "

—Paige Jackson

"I am a combat veteran, Master Sergeant of the US Special Forces, who saw action in Africa and Afghanistan. As a soldier, I experienced every scene in TEETH as if I was part of it! My heart beat faster as I lived through the chaos of combat."

    —Regulo Zapata

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